Back To The Future: The Superyacht Yas

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Nowhere is that more apparent than onboard one of the world’s largest, fastest, and certainly most unique superyachts in the world.   Behold,

Your Next Boat May Be Powered By Seawater

MarineMax, the nation’s largest recreational boat and yacht retailer, announced an exclusive license agreement to develop, manufacture, and sell propulsion and auxiliary boat power systems capable of running on hydrogen extracted from seawater

World’s First Autonomous Hydrogen Boat Aims to Circle the Globe

Victorien Erussard was racing on his boat across the expanse of an ocean when he suddenly ran out of power. That event prompted the developer to build a revolutionary catamaran

Teenager Lost At Sea for over 40 Days Survives To Tell His Story

After his fishing raft became separated from it’s mooring, Indonesian teen Aldi Novel Adilang was adrift at sea for approximately 49 days before he was discovered thousands of miles away from

Drop it Like it’s Hot! – Anchoring Tips Every Boater Should Know

You’ve reached your destination and are ready to take it all in. Dropping anchor can lead to anxiety for some boaters, but if you only travel from marina to marina

Why We Built Boatyard

When we first came up with the idea for our startup, we knew we had to create a business built around our true passion and also one that provided unique value to both our customers and partners. The reason Boatyard exists is to deliver happiness to the boating community. We don’t say that as marketing speak. We mean it literally, and the science is there to prove it.

If This House is a Rockin’…

For the adventurous few who want to wake up to million dollar views of the water every day without spending a fortune, houseboat living provides the best of both worlds.  You get to enjoy life at sea, while maintaining access to the creature comforts of dry land. Could you live in a floating home? 

Wish You Were Boating?

If you’re like us, you can’t wait to get back out on the water. We put together this video to help pass the time.