Back To The Future: The Superyacht Yas

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Nowhere is that more apparent than onboard one of the world’s largest, fastest, and certainly most unique superyachts in the world.


Behold, the superyacht, Yas. What makes it special you ask? Well, this new superyacht isn’t completely “new”. It was birthed from the hull of an de-commissioned Dutch Kortenaer class frigate HNLMS Piet Hein. This warships original purpose was to scour the seas for subs, so naturally, speed and efficiency were primary considerations in the hull’s design.

Today that hull supports a sprawling and luxurious dolphin-inspired deck. It’s milky white exterior, plus over 500 individual pieces of reinforced glass, lightweight composite materials, and tons of gadgets were used to create this marvel of marine engineering.

The yacht features a pool, spa, multiple saloons and entertainment areas, as well as all the other toys you would find on a top superyacht.

The yacht is not currently for sale, but Yas has been valued at one hundred and eighty million dollars. Not bad for the world’s 11th largest yacht.

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