Your Next Boat May Be Powered By Seawater

MarineMax, the nation’s largest recreational boat and yacht retailer, announced an exclusive license agreement to develop, manufacture, and sell propulsion and auxiliary boat power systems capable of running on hydrogen extracted from seawater using Joi Scientific’s Hydrogen 2.0 technology.

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So, what is Hydrogen 2.0? It’s the world’s first hydrogen production process based on the clean and affordable extraction of hydrogen directly from untreated seawater, on-demand, at the point of use. It derives power from a safe and reliable conversion process that is sustainable; involves no combustion of hydrocarbons; emits no carbon; and when used with fuel cells, produces no noise. While development work will initially focus on auxiliary power systems for yachts and for use in slow-speed cruising propulsion, MarineMax plans to scale the technology to power the main propulsion system of pleasure and commercial yachts and ships.

“Hydrogen is the world’s best fuel. By weight hydrogen is energy dense, and its only by-product is clean water when consumed,” says Traver Kennedy, CEO of Joi Scientific. “MarineMax, an innovator with a strong history of leadership, is an ideal partner to work with to develop our Hydrogen 2.0 technology for the marine industry, bringing the benefits of hydrogen to boats, yachts, and seagoing marine vessels around the world.”

We can’t wait to see what comes of this partnership. It’s sure to be a game changer.


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